Empowering Consultations
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MAKING AN APPOINTMENT for A consultation

Currently applicable Empowering Consultations price list
Safety rules

During consultations with participation of animals, all safety rules (occupational health and safety standards)
must be strictly observed – both generally and in contact with specific animal species

When making an appointment for a consultation with participation of animals / taking part in a consultation
with participation of animals, the Client hereby represents that they are aware of the risks
related to contact with representatives of the given animal species,
and they take full responsibility for their actions during contact with specific animals

A prerequisite for reservation of a consultation spot on the chosen date
is payment of 100% of the value of the selected variant of consultation (agreed during the appointment procedure)
to the bank account indicated by the Trainer Małgorzata Rokicka or the Trainer Hanna Krawczyk –
reservation fee

The reservation fee includes a non-refundable advance of PLN 200
(included in each consultation variant price) –
initial consultation and proper consultation

-> In the case of unfavourable weather conditions which prevent performance of the consultation,
the reservation fee is not forfeited but transferred to the next convenient date

-> If consultation dates are changed for reasons attributable to the Client,
each new date is set after additional payment in the amount of PLN 100
Additional information

weekend and holiday CONSULTATIONS
 +50% to the price of the selected consultation variant

Resignation from participation in an agreed consultation,
reported by the Client more than 48h before the planned consultation date
-> after deduction of the non-refundable advance,
the remaining part of the reservation fee paid is reimbursed to the Client

Resignation from participation in the agreed
reported between 48h (included) and 24h (included) before the planned
consultation date
-> the Client is charged with 50% of the consultation costs (including 100% of the non-refundable advance),
the remining part of the reservation fee paid is reimbursed to the Client

Resignation from participation in the agreed consultation,
reported 24h before the planned consultation date and later
-> the Client is charged with 100% of the consultation costs
(the reservation fee paid by the Client is not reimbursed)

Empowering Consultations

-> All indicated prices are net prices. A VAT invoice can be issued
-> The presented price offer is of informative/illustrative nature only and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 par.1 of the Civil Code
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What People Say...

Małgorzata Rokicka is a person of great knowledge, which she can pass on in an original (and effective) way
Gosia made a wonderful impression on me from the very beginning of the consultations. She is an open person, listens well to others
and is pleasant to talk to. Gosia's teaching is very 'psychological'. What I love about her is that she is really open to conversations of all kinds
and will be happy to listen to you and help you find the right path. She does not impose any system of work with the horse,
but shows you what kind of person you need to be to establish a relationship with the horse and gives you the key to better communication with him
I came back from the consultations very relaxed and mentally 'clean'. I don't know how to fully describe this feeling. Just as when working with a horse,
I feel that I push all negative emotions aside, so during the consultations and after returning from them, I felt exactly the same
I came back with a very positive attitude to work, life - everything
Thank you to all the students and Gosia for such a nice time at the 1st clinic, I can't wait for the 2nd <3

Zofia M.

I heartily recommend cooperation with Małgorzata Rokicka
She is a wonderful, warm person, full of positive energy, and in addition - specialist with great knowledge
From my observations: Gosia works with animals very gently, but specifically - guided by the good of the pupils and their mental well-being
I would call it human-animal collaboration
Gosia conducted horse behavioural consultations, which I attended; the lectures were very interesting and substantive, and most of all I liked the fact that the work during the consultations was not based only on dry skills, but on self-improvement, which is the basis of working with animals
I am unable to measure what I received, and it was learning to work with horses in my own way, in accordance with my beliefs, and at the same time noticing and appreciating the great sensitivity within me. I am very grateful to God for it
Thank you again Gosia for this week and best regards! <3
Alicja B.

Calmness, patience, the ability to think outside the box and adapt to a "difficult" student who does not understand right away
and you have to repeat and invent new methods of transferring knowledge
In general, Gosia is a person who has a lot of knowledge in many areas, she is very eloquent and substantive
Kaja J-G.